NG4A Launches Initiative to Change Neptune’s Government

Neptune Government For All (NG4A) is a newly formed, non-partisan group of Neptune citizens interested in changing the Township’s current system of government. They have started a petition drive to place a referendum on this November’s ballot which would allow the voters of Neptune to directly elect their Mayor for a four year term. This format would also create a ward system of representation.


“It’s unfortunate that in a town the size of Neptune, voters do not have the right to directly vote on who the Mayor should be,” said Dru Reynolds, of Ocean Grove, one of the organizers of the group. “Quite frankly, it’s un-democratic that only a few people end up picking the Mayor, which is what happens now. It’s even worse that our Mayor serves for only one year when we have so many problems like taxes and crime to deal with in town.”


NG4A has been meeting over the last year, researching the idea of changing the Township Charter, with the assistance of New Jersey Appleseed Public Interest Law Center. The group decided that a Mayor – Council form of government would best serve Neptune.


That format allows the voters to elect the Mayor, who would serve for four years, and develop a continuity of programs and initiatives which is not possible under the current system. A mayor in this style of government would become more accountable to the voters and have a greater impact on providing a more stable economic base for the Township while being able to address such issues as crime and spending.


According to Charlie DeMaria of the Villas section of Neptune, “the idea of changing the style of Neptune’s government has actually been discussed by several small groups over the last 10 years or so, without any action being taken. Now is the time because of the need for bold, long-term visions & leadership for the township.”


Mr. Demaria continued, “Besides the fact that right now the voters don’t actually elect the mayor, halfway through the Mayor’s one-year term the honeymoon is over and the Mayor becomes a lame duck. We believe that a 4-year term provides more productivity and the opportunity for the voters to have more of a say in the direction the Township is heading.”


West Neptune resident Jennifer Eldridge brought up another issue. “In the last four years, we have not been able to get a definitive response from any of our elected officials about preserving – or even recognizing – the historic elements that are located in the western most sections of Neptune Township.” “Maybe,” Eldridge continued, “if voters have the power to elect a Mayor directly, as opposed to the position being filled by political strategy, the residents will finally see an end to this deliberate grid-lock and obstructionism.”  


In addition to changing the Township’s charter in order to provide for a directly elected Mayor, this change of government style would provide for more direct representation of the various neighborhoods across the township. Six council members would be directly elected by the voters of six newly created wards representing various neighborhoods in town. Three other council members would be elected at large by all of the voters in Neptune. This type of representation exemplifies democracy. Each local ward would have a member sitting on the council who would be able to focus on their neighborhood’s issues, instead of citizens only getting 5 minutes at the microphone to address any particular issue.


In order to get this referendum on the ballot this November, volunteers will be fanning out across Neptune over the next few weeks in order to gather the required signatures. Once on the ballot, the NG4A will continue publicizing the benefits of this change of government via the media, direct mail and local educational forums in order to fully inform the residents of Neptune.


“Right now, we are working on getting the question on this November’s ballot,” Reynolds said, “and we need your help to get the job done. This effort represents a great opportunity to move Neptune forward and provide better representation for all of our residents. Your help will make this happen.”

For further information, to sign the petition or to volunteer to help this important effort, please visit www.ng4a.net or call 732-456-2199. You may also send an email to the group via [email protected]

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7 Comments on “NG4A Launches Initiative to Change Neptune’s Government”

  1. Johnny said at 8:38 pm on July 1st, 2011:

    Sounds like what is needed in Middletown!

    When they’re done there,they should contact someone in Middletown to spearhead an effort here.

  2. Publicity Department @ NG4A said at 10:25 pm on July 1st, 2011:


    Our Website Is Live, so visit http://www.ng4a.net for more info!

    If you’d like to help Neptune have a voice in electing their Mayor, we are asking for volunteer help from across the county.

    We’ve got a huge task ahead of us and we’ve already got volunteers coming in for our kickoff weekend. We’ll be “forever thankful” for whatever time you can spend helping out our hometown crew.

  3. Good luck said at 8:29 pm on July 3rd, 2011:

    with that effort, it’s still gonna be nearly impossible to get an R majority,or presence,even, in that town, but hope it works,this go-round..

  4. Warren Lapp said at 10:06 pm on July 3rd, 2011:

    As treasurer for the NG4A effort I would like to say that this is NOT about getting “an R majority” in Neptune, its about getting 1) consistency in the Mayoral seat and 2) guaranteed local representation in this very segmented township. Further, the core group of residents that are managing this effort are of diverse political backgrounds, Republicans, Democrats and Independents are involved.

    Assuming this happens the current Committee members are virtual locks for re-election and, quite frankly, have a huge experience advantage when looking at the 4 year mayor’s seat. Consider this… our mayor is ten months into their term when they attend the League of Municipalities meeting in AyCee. Any relationships or new ideas gleamed while there have no shot at getting traction before the next new mayor is appointed on January 1st. How crazy is that?

    As consolidation, mergers, and inter-local agreements become more common it just makes sense to have consistency at the helm. At a minimum the residents of Neptune deserve to have this discussed and to have it as a ballot question this fall.

  5. Sure they do, said at 3:29 pm on July 6th, 2011:

    but, if you know some of the history in this county, some towns who have tried to change their form of government, have often been ones with one party having dominated for a long time- this idea is a shot for the minority-party to try and get a foot back in the door.. worked for a while in Marlboro, and Tinton Falls, in the past, I believe, but, in Neptune, it’ll be a tall order to accomplish a change in party representation, since demographics,facts, and past voting patterns and results don’t lie..again, good luck, hope some inroads can be accomplished….

  6. Publicity Department @ NG4A said at 8:03 am on July 7th, 2011:

    Just a short report on our efforts.

    So far, across all voting blocks; volunteers are reporting an extremely high signing rate. What that means is that our close estimates are that at least 90% of those approached for signatures are signing the petition.

    They WANT this on the ballot, because it’s the right thing to do.

    Our biggest needs are for grass roots volunteers so that we can get enough signatures to get this on the ballot. If you’d like to help make history here in Neptune, send us an email:

    [email protected]

  7. Jerry said at 9:23 am on July 9th, 2011:

    Sure they do,

    Who said anything about changing party representation in the article. They just want to be able to vote for a mayor.