Incumbent battles are plentiful under BTPG’s “The People’s Map”

While politicians draw lines to save their jobs the People’s Map creates genuine competition

Middletown, NJ –Several articles have come out recently displaying the hysterics surrounding the possibility of a handful of legislators who may lose their jobs as a result of the Apportionment Commission’s final map. Meanwhile, an analysis of “The People’s Map” illustrates nicely how genuine competition between and among parties and incumbents can be easily achieved by simply drawing district lines according to the Constitution.


Below are some of the intra-party battles created as a result of the non-gerrymandered map produced by the Bayshore Tea Party Group:


  • ·         District 4: Sen. Steve Sweeney (D) v. Sen. Fred Madden (D)
  • ·         District 13: Sen. Joe Kyrillos (R) v. Sen. Jenifer Beck (R)
  • ·         District 21: Sen. Barbara Buono (D) v. Sen. Bob Smith (D)
  • ·         District 27: Sen. Anthony R. Bucco (R) v. Sen. Joseph Pennacchio (R)
  • ·         District 31: Sen. Brian Stack (D) v. Sen. Nicholas Sacco (D)
  • ·         District 9: Asm. Ronald Dancer v. Asw. Diane Gove v. Asm. Brian Rumpf


There are 11 additional districts in which incumbents of the same party would be pitted against one another. This is what representative democracy should look like.


While politicians holed up in lavish accommodations at one of New Brunswick’s finest hotels wheel and deal for their own personal benefit, voters are left with the scraps from a rancid political meal. “The People’s Map” changes that dynamic and forces long-term incumbents, many of whom have benefited for a decade from our previously Gerrymandered districts, to defend their records with their constituents and actually campaign for reelection.


It is a uniquely American ideal that no man should be entitled to the benefit of another’s labor. This ideal is no more applicable than in the world of electoral politics.


Upon discovering the information, primary map-maker and Bayshore Tea Party Group Redistricting Committee Chairman Sean Spinello stated:


“One thing that struck me with all the attempts at manipulating the matchups and wanting easy victories was that it sounded like old time boxing promoters…except with less integrity.”


The Bayshore Tea Party Group was heartened recently by NJ Apportionment Commission Co-Chairman and Assemblyman John Wisniewski’s statement citing the importance of adhering to the NJ Constitution with regard to the legislative map drawing, as reported in The Star-Ledger on March 28.


As per Chairman Wisniewski’s admonition, we expect that the Commission will issue a map fully compliant with law and the New Jersey Constitution, such as “The People’s Map.”

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One Comment on “Incumbent battles are plentiful under BTPG’s “The People’s Map””

  1. Freespeaker1976 said at 6:38 pm on April 2nd, 2011:

    Well, apparently the People’s Map doesn’t matter and it looks like Sean Kean and the current 11th district legislators are going to be forced into a Primary???

    Is that the read you are getting Art?